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Winner Best insurance site NL WUA


user experience strategy & design

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Path 2
Streamlined global presence

Design, planning and estimation of global site and modular system for a new brand with international sub-brands.
Reduction of content and improved overall usability, conversion and effectiveness of site.

Winner Best Interface and Navigation Ascend 2019

Nominee Best Corporate sites Dutch Interactive Awards 2019

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Financial services

Financial and trading services for consumers and professionals.
I know my short from long, put from pull and PSD2 from Target2.

Using ‘nudging’ techniques to stimulate consumers to invest better. Based on extensive user research into online trader’s behaviours and motivations.


“… if it gets complex, call Miles…”

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Path 2

Het kan ook in het Nederlands !

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B2B portal for global local markets

By creating good insights into customer behaviours we were able to structure information and define micro interactions to really improve customers’ business needs.

Drawing on data from multiple systems we optimised the out-of-the-box shopping process.

Heineken International

Scaling up the sign ups

Clarifying the primary message and improving the sign-up procedure to increase the sign-up rates.

New type of insurance (alternative) with very low cost base offering essential income security for freelancers.

Results: Significant increase in sign ups.


On the basis of extensive marketing research we focused on specific persona’s and user journeys.  
How to really help consumers with their DIY jobs they have to do in different cultures and continents.
Flexible front end and content layering to create a relevant  helping hand.

User test quote: “…as easy as IKEA…”

Akzo Nobel coatings
Improving conversion

Calculators and tools to enable consumers explore options and customise to their personal situation.

HypotheekShop | Achmea

Improve CMS setup and processes

A good website design needs a good CMS.
We improved back-end structure and created tool-kit for record breaking fast (local) brand site development.

Results: Easier site to maintain and keep content up to date and relevant.

Douwe Egberts MB 1753

Sales, customer services, corporate communications and marketing all have their wishes when creating a completly new site.  

Aligning all with a collaborative design process to provide a site that meets expectations and still has a unified brand feel.

Conversion and readability
Various companies

[Zicht op process en project aansturing.]
Good designers are useless if the porcess can’t utilise them.]

UX Strategy and Design
Digital Design process managment

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Improved the quality image of ‘Ik Ga Starten’ and the readability of valuable content to starting entrepreneurs.

Results: Increased conversion of sign-ups

Nominee B2B marketing Award spotONvision

Medical visualisations

Interactive 3D animated models to show the workings and effects of medications and treatments.

Providing solutions that are engaging and insightful. For consumers and specialists.

SharePeopleHow SharePeopleFront
Helping car owners

The one stop app with all car related services from parking to navigation. Helping second hand car owners with a set of services only found in new cars.

By combining multiple private and public data sources we can provide the owner with a much better view of overall costs and what to expect for his or her particular car.

LKQ is the largest global car after sales market operator.

LKQ / Fource
Aligning stakeholders
New services and content

Large corporate sites can have many different functions and many stakeholders.  
I have a collaborative approach to ensure cooperation, buy-in and alignment of diverse stakeholder groups.

Results: Effective site improvements to increase user satisfaction.

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3D infographics

Explaining and telling stories with interactive 3D.
Showing products, objects, data and real estate to engage and inform.

It is often more about restricting user’s freedoms to ensure a user friendly experience then offering users full control.

UX Cardsort
All about U

A little booklet to explore the context and  effects of digital changes taking place around us.

It can be a beautiful digital world if we design it well!

The development of a new profession.
Research through card sorting with colleagues in the digital design profession. Trying to understand the knowledge domains, activities and roles in the digital design industry.

Conclusion: There is an extreme array of job titles and activities in a fast developing profession.
We’ll need to update the cards do this again!

UX Planning and Estimations
Strategic exploration
UX Design
& Prototyping
Design Process managment

I can help you with


Great UX is about making the interface go away!
The stuff you don’t see is the most important in creating beautiful experiences for users.

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Improving business applications

Complex administrative, organisational and technical processes are pretty standard in business. That does not mean the software has to be complex.

Well designed applications save lots of money on training, mistakes and lost opportunities. Improve customer service and your employees’ job satisfaction.

Business operations: “… best in class in this industry.”

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ServoyWorld 2019
Clients & projects

Nominee Hypotheekvisie Dutch Interactive Awards


Design for complex digital transformations.

I am specialised in designing digital services for challenging organisations and complex processes. Clear and effective.

Group 2

I use a collaborative approach to get everyone onboard.
Involving stakeholders, working with business processes, conducting UX research to set direction for the development team.

From concept through to development and delivery.
Simple and user friendly solutions.

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